Who are we ?

We are a French chatbot startup, specialized in smart messaging bots design and development.

At The Chatbot Factory, we are conversational UX and chatbots development specialists . Launched in 2015 by Thomas Sabatier (CEO) and Matthieu Bietry (CTO), The Chatbot Factory was born after a year of Research and Development made by a dedicated developers team. As a startup, we focus on developping the best conversational agents and friction-less experiences within messaging apps. We design bots for BtoB or BtoC messaging platforms such as: Facebook Messenger, Kik, Viber, Whatsapp, iMessage, SMS and also Skype, Intercom, Slack, Telegram, Line, Hangout ...

The Chatbot Factory can rely on innovative partners, who are teaming up to accelerate innovation's pace, especially when talking about Natural Language Processing (NLP) with Recast.ai, or Cloud and big data with Oracle. The Chatbot Factory helps companies to connect with their customers by designing, developing and rolling out complex chatbots in their digital eco-system (CRM, databases, DMP, partners, ...).


We design beautiful and intuitive conversational interfaces to super-charge your software and applications using APIs.


We secure users' data and guarantee total confidentiality. Security is one of our main concern.


We use natural language processing and machine learning to make your bot smarter. Let a bot understand what makes your users unique.

Bot persona

We give your bot a personality in order to provide a more human and invuitive user experience.

Conversational UX

Flows, cards, buttons, gif, videos. We craft rich and friction-less interfaces.


We consider your bot as your best brand ambassador. Let him tell the story of your brand or your product the way users want to discover it.


Our dashboard gather new kinds of user data to better understand your customers' expectations.

Shopping cart

Sales automation all the way through check-out. We integrate native payment features in order to allow friction-less transactions.


One bot, many channels. For instance, we can deploy your bot on your website, on your app and on Messenger.


Les bots de messageries vont bientot remplacer les humains.

Chatbots vs. Humains : le choc !

Aujourd’hui l’utilisation des applications de chat a largement dépassé celle des réseaux sociaux. La course vers les bots vient de démarrer et elle va changer radicalement la façon dont nous utilisons Internet.

11 idées de chatbots pour booster votre business !

11 bots pour booster votre business!

Rien que sur Messenger, c’est plus de 10 000 bots qui sont en cours de création depuis Avril 2016, pour une audience de 900 millions d’utilisateurs. Voici 11 concepts de bots pour booster votre business, simplement et rapidement.

Qu'est ce qu'un chatbot ?

Interfaces conversationnelles: l'avenir du mobile.

Un bot s’apparente à une application mobile, mais l’interface est différente. On parle de « conversationnal user interface ». Pour l’utilisateur, ce n’est donc ni plus ni moins qu’une conversation.

Let's meet !

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